Need To know about Dangerous Goods Packaging Regulations?

We Are Dangerous Goods Specialists!!!

What is Dangerous goods and how does it influence our daily life?
Dangerous goods are more common than we realise. They range from Aerosol Deodorants / sunscreen, the Jik / Domestos in our Kitchens to the paint and tile hardeners we have in our garages. Dangerous goods are substances or articles that pose a risk to people, property or the environment due to their chemical or physical properties. They are usually classified with reference to their immediate risk and are therefore classed from Class 1 to Class 9. The most common dangerous goods that doesn’t get declared is Lithium Batteries. They are highly flammable and toxic should they set alight, this happens when they are not packed correctly

Should you be sending or receiving any dangerous goods, always make sure you know what the dangers are and how the product / cargo must be handled. Should you not know what the product is or if you think it might be potentially dangerous goods, give us a call. We will gladly come and assess the cargo and confirm for you whether to declare or give you documentation to send it as not restricted / general cargo

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